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Raise Your Voice Today to Support Hunger Relief

Release Date - Apr 17, 2013

Right now, the Senate Agriculture Committee is making important decisions about how to fund hunger relief programs in the Farm Bill like The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps). The TEFAP program provides millions of pounds of food to food banks across the country, and SNAP benefits allow families to stretch their budgets to be able to eat.     

Millions of Americans all across the country are struggling to put food on the table. With unemployment stuck over 7 percent nationally and long-term unemployment still at record highs, programs like SNAP and TEFAP are more important than ever. Cuts to SNAP will only increase demand on the Food Bank and our member agencies, and we are already stretched thin trying to meet increased need with less food. There is no way we could make up the difference if SNAP was cut.

One of our state senators, Senator Joe Donnelly, serves on the Agriculture Committee, so we have an important opportunity to influence his decisions by calling him today and asking him to support additional funding for TEFAP and to not cut SNAP benefits.  

Calling Congress is easy!  Here's how:

  • Call our toll-free hotline at 866-527-1087
  • Listen to the pre-recorded message and enter your zip code when prompted.
  • Once you are connected to Senator Donnelly's office, state that you are a constituent and give your name and the town you are calling from.  Be sure to let him know that you're a supporter of the Food Bank or of one of our agencies.
  • Let them know you are calling about the Farm Bill and deliver this important message:

As you work with your colleagues to write a new Farm Bill, I urge you to provide additional funding for TEFAP and oppose any cuts to SNAP. We all agree that jobs are the best solution to hunger. As our economy recovers and unemployment drops, SNAP costs will naturally fall. Please don't hurt struggling families who truly need help by taking food from their dinner tables.

  • Spread the word by sharing with your friends and family and on social media.

Please take a few minutes today to call Senator Donnelly and let him know that you support hunger relief and want him to as well. The more voices we have speaking out for those in need, the more likely we are to succeed in protecting and strengthening programs that keep our hungry neighbors fed.

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