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Hunger Action Moth

Introduced in 2010, the Mobile Market was encouraged by the local legislators to help ensure healthy and nutrious food was being distributed into the community. While hunger exists in both urban and rural areas, urban residents are particularly disadvantaged. Many urban communities can be described as “food deserts” where residents must drive more than 10 miles to the nearest supermarket or food pantry. Urban communities also tend to have a large popula-tion of seniors who are more likely to live in poverty and require greater access to services.

On the first Thursday of September during Hunger Action Month (H.A.M.), The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana holds a Mobile Market at Wicker Park in Highland for Lake County residents. On the following week, we hold a Mobile Market at Butterfield Pavilion/Fairgrounds for Porter County residents. These distribution are different from our normal mobile food pantry model, because we operate the food distributions like a farmers marke,  During the mobile market, we give residents “Food Bank Bucks” that they can spend during the mobile market on the items they prefer. We distribute not only fresh produce, we also distribute meat, and dry and canned goods.t.