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Healthy Indiana Plan

If you live in Indiana and do not have access to health insurance from your employer, there is hope in finding an affordable health insurance plan. In January 2008, the state of Indiana began accepting applications for the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). The plan was approved by the Federal government through a waiver to reallocate Medicaid dollars to include more individuals.

Under the plan, individuals who are uninsured can apply for health insurance in accordance with the waiver. The plan serves the very poor and low-income population. In order to qualify for coverage, the individual must not have received health insurance for more than six months; does not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare; is between ages 19 and 64; and is a legal U.S. citizen. The candidate/family must also meet the following maximum yearly income criteria: one person - $21,660; family of two - $29,140; family of three - $36,620; family of four - $44,100 and for a family of five - $51,580. For more information please call 1-877-438-4479.